Thursday, October 4, 2007

Wikipedia Rudy Giuliani

It's actually a pretty interesting write-up. And I don't mean to keep going after Rudy, but he just makes it so easy. I'll just make sure I never move to New York (not that I would).

So, In addition to the fact that (as we all know) Rudy WAS in New York when the attacks on 9/11 occurred, he likes to emphasize the drastic decrease in the crime rates that occurred while he was Mayor.

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As you can see, this drop not only began before his term as Mayor, but was comparable to that of other major cities at that time. Oh well.

I suggest reading into his early life and education, as well as the article on "law enforcement". Do the names Abner Louima, Amadou Diallo, or Patrick Dorismond ring a bell? I doubt it, but the latter of the two were both killed in different instances by police officers in NYC. Both unarmed and guilty of nothing. Rudy later released Patrick Dorismond's sealed juvenile delinquency records in order to protect the officers involved. Doing so on the basis, of course...that dead people don't have any rights to privacy. And then there was Louima who, after receiving several beatings was sodomized with a plunger, and kicked in the the 70th Precinct station house in Brooklyn. Oh well.

If this wasn't enough, I learned how his father "Harold Giuliani...had been convicted of felony assault and robbery and served time in Sing Sing;[14] after his release he served as a Mafia enforcer for his brother-in-law Leo D'Avanzo, who ran an organized crime operation involved in loan sharking and gambling at a restaurant in Brooklyn."

Like I said, pretty interesting stuff.

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