Friday, October 5, 2007

Freedom Message Cards

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There's an exciting and powerful new tool to get Dr. Paul's message out.

Give this card so people can quickly and easily listen to Ron Paul's position on several key issues in his own voice.

Tell people to "Hear For Yourself" (These three words are a great way to introduce the card to someone).

They can call from their cell or home phone and within a few minutes know core position that Dr. Paul has on 9 Key issues. It also includes two links to official Ron Paul campaign websites.

This new card is best for those who do not have internet access, senior voters, or others.

We envision Ron Paul supporters:
- Stuffing these in envelopes to all their personal contacts,
- Carrying them on their person to hand out at work and in social situations, and
- Coming up with new ways to use these cards to help spread Ron's message of liberty.

You could even call the number yourself and listen with a friend, neighbor or relative on a speaker phone so that you could deepen their understanding or correct any misunderstandings.

Try it for yourself! Dial 1-641-715-3900

US Foreign Policy--------------4 min.-----Ext. 35004#
Protecting Civil Liberties-----3 min.-----Ext. 35005#
Healthcare Reform--------------5 min.-----Ext. 35006#
Fixing the Inflation Tax-------2 min.-----Ext. 35007#
Taxes and the IRS--------------2 min.-----Ext. 35008#
Entitlements-------------------4 min.-----Ext. 35009#
Second Amendment---------------3 min.-----Ext. 35010#
Immigration Sanity-------------3 min.-----Ext. 35011#
Our Constitutional Republic----6 min.-----Ext. 35012#
Hear the latest from Ron Paul-------------Ext. 35013#

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