Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Lesser of Two Evils is STILL EVIL!

Sorry, but it doesn't make it any better that your voting for the "LESSER of the two evils". I'm sick and tired of hearing that tired old argument. It's the people who say things like that who are the reason this country has lost it's way.

This is why it seems like every election is "THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVER!" Because by continually picking the lesser of two evils we're allowing our country to stray further and further off path and into this hole we're in.

And if voting your conscience is a wasted vote, then I'd like to know what a properly used vote is like. This year it looks like most of the Republicans will be voting for a candidate they have strong disagreements with, out of their fear of someone else who might get elected. That sounds like terrorism at it's worst to me.


1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes.

How many more years will Americans allow the two parties to bury us further and further in debt? Our national debt is now $9,669,863,994,566.08. That's right, that means that just for being an American citizen, your share of that debt is $32,110.86 (hopefully they'll give a couple weeks notice before they mail out the bills for that one).

So let's see...right now we're stuck in a war we don't know how to get out of, we never really finished the job in Afghanistan, we've been talking about invading or even carrying out a nuclear first-strike on Iran, North Korea just announced they're reopening their nuclear facilities
, of course we felt it necessary to get ourselves involved in the Russian-Georgian conflict, and who the hell knows how many other countries we've managed to piss off with our involvement overseas (Venezuela & Cuba for starts).

Neither of the two major parties offers up a solution to these problems.

The big government Democrats have failed to go any further than to criticize the Republicans for their support of the war. And likewise, the war-mongering Republicans, while they claim to be "the conservatives"; have done little more than to spread their empire using the same interventionist and nation-building policies that George W. Bush ran against in the 2000 election. All the while, our national debt is in a sky-rocket and our military is spread so thin we couldn't even defend our own country if we needed to. Much less win a war against a few unorganized radical Islams.

A good rule of thumb when considering whether or not to go into war is to ask yourself, if we lose will you still be glad that we had fought knowing that you stood up for what is right and did all you could. Sadly, I don't think many Americans take into consideration the possibility that we might one day actually lose a war.

I'm also sick of hearing the phrase, "in a post 9/11 world...we can't allow these this or that to happen". It's like after 9/11 we entered some alternate dimension or something where it's okay to invade other countries because "we're Big Bad America...and we're scared".

Pat Buchanan put it well when he said, "you don't step on Superman's cape". But I guess... if Bin Laden was behind 9/11, we sure showed him.

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