Thursday, September 18, 2008

To Summarize...

I was a little too disgusted by this whole thing yesterday to even say much about it, so to summarize, I will no longer be voting for Bob Barr. Despite the fact that he claims he is showing the leadership to unify the liberty movement, what he has done will forever divide the movement Ron Paul and others worked so hard to start. He hitched a ride on the freedom train, if you will, and tried to steer it in a different direction. Sadly, if we're not careful there's a good chance he may steer it right off the tracks.

Not to sound pessimistic, but the average American voter is not ready for a Libertarian President. The movement first has to be just to get the third parties in the debates and on the ballots. This will open up the stage for a stronger liberty based candidate in all the elections to come. But Bob Barr is not interested in third party politics and bringing down the status quo like he so often speaks of. No, Bob Barr is only interested in Bob Barr politics.

There is still a very real chance for us to bring about a peaceful change in this country. We just have to realize that it will not happen overnight. It took us the last hundred years to get where we are now, I feel like I'm being optimistic when I say, we can bring it all back down in the next two to four.

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