Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What's Wrong With America's Foreign Policy?

Those of you who know me well probably knew that I have always backed the U.S.' war in Iraq. However, I've recently changed my position on America's foreign policies, and this video might partially explain why.

It wasn't until about two weeks ago that I began to see things from a different light.

What has changed in recent weeks?

Well, not much. Except that I've begun to see past the fear and hatred I had towards the middle-east (brought about by 9/11) and come to somewhat of an understanding of what may have been the prelude to that horrible day to begin with.

What has led up to our current situation, is that it has been the policy of the United States to intervene wherever it deems necessary. This has occurred since we declared ourselves the richest and most powerful nation in the world (August 9, 1945). However, if money is power, and we claim to be so rich and powerful then why, I ask, are we over 9 TRILLION dollars in debt? And while we call these people our enemies, why do we continue to fund them with every trip to the gas station? This country has NEVER, in our history won an invasive war (except our Civil War...if you consider that a victory), and we have still failed to learn a lesson from this.

We have put our country at a higher standard by invading other countries for personal interests, while at the same time not only putting the lives of the civilians in other countries at risk, but at the risk of what our CIA has termed, "blowback"; we have put our own country in harms way as well.

Why are we not more focused on protecting our own borders? And if we are worried about taking power away from these "radical Islams", we need to remember that not only is money their source of power, but it is also (according to the Bible) the root of all evil. Therefore, all of our efforts in the Middle-east may be useless if we are not focused on "pulling this evil out by the roots". In other words as long as there is money there, it will stem evil. So...I say, make the oil they're fighting over worthless, by developing PRACTICAL alternative source(s) of energy.

I believe that this is something that not only should we have done long ago, but that could have been done long ago. It may just be that the governments and/or the car companies have their hands so deep in these oil companies pockets that it will never happen, unless the people make a demand for it.

This is one question that I would like to ask Republican Candidate Ron Paul about. As far as what he feels the governments responsibility is in ending GLOBAL dependency on Middle-eastern oil...Which I feel IS a matter of national security, and therefore should be addressed by our federal government.


OK...I kind of went off there, and most of that has nothing to do with the video nor the title, but there it is.

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